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Top 10 Health Benefits of Kefir

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 9/28 1:31A Health Fitness Revolution
Kefir yogurt with blueberries and raspberries Kefir is a yogurt-like dairy product that can easily be included in almost any diet. Kefir has less lactose than other dairy products, in fact, there is...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 9/27 1:00A Health Fitness Revolution
We can all remember being young children and getting a sunburn, and our parents slathering the red areas with Aloe Vera- and we can all remember the immediate relief we felt once this soothing plant...

Free Covid-19 tests are now available for order from the US government

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 9/25 9:59A CNN/ Newswire
Covid-19 tests are now available to be ordered for free from the US government. Starting Monday, people can order four tests per US household through People without an internet connection can call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY...

Houston Philanthropist Opens New ABA Clinic To Help Youth With Special Needs

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 9/21 4:45P Style Magazine Newswire
For the past 3 years, Roderick Batons has provided opportunities for those with autism and disabilities through his company, Howdy Homemade Ice Cream. After employing dozens with disabilities and seeing their passion to strive to have...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 9/20 1:25A Health Fitness Revolution
Those old board games collecting dust on the top of your closet could be the key to keeping your mind active and healthy while social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Board games entertain and bring people together through competitive...

Naked Wines Launches Opportunity Fund for Latinos in Wine

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 9/19 5:46A Style Magazine Newswire
Naked Wines, the largest 100% direct-to-consumer winery in America, today announced the Montoya Opportunity Fund to help empower the next generation of Latino winemaking talent. Driven by winemaker Macario Montoya, the grant program is a...

Top 10 Best Adaptogens

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 9/19 3:46A Health Fitness Revolution
There are many supplements and medications on the market that can aid the human body. Whether it be mental or physical issues, there seems to be a pill for everything. Nonetheless, there are those that prefer a more natural route. A simpler and a...

10 Best Supplements For Liver Health

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 9/18 11:07A Health Fitness Revolution
The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, responsible for detoxifying harmful substances and maintaining overall health. However, factors such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, and exposure to environmental toxins can all...
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